FracPT FZE, was started in 2011
to provide Fracturing and Petroleum Technology Consulting.

We were founded in the Middle East, which is where a significant increase in fracturing activity was forseen.

The founder - Pickard Trepess - is an expert in all forms of well stimulation, and has spent much of his 40+ years in the industry in that region
Projects have included the writing of in-house procedure manuals for national oil companies and international and local service companies.

We are an affiliate of Hunimex kft founded in Hungary in 1992, which started oilfield consulting in 1996.

Our mission is to assist our clients, to train personnel in stimulation and cementing techniques and perform Quality Controls and Audits on and off site

Our personnel include highly trained and qualified individuals in several Petroleum Engineering disciplines, from a variety of different backgrounds, nationalities, and languages.


FracPT FZE, PO Box 506556 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Cell: (UAE) +971-50-284-5223 or (Hungary)+36-30-9896940 Also: (UK) +44-0208-123-4344 or (USA) +1-281-760-4044


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